The price list is updated on an ongoing basis. Significant changes usually occur every 3-6 months. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.

1. Standard offer of (legendary footballers)

We are not a VAT payer, so all net prices are gross prices.

Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for YMYL website119 EUR / year
Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for not-YMYL website59 EUR / year
Sponsored article (our content) YMYL199 EUR / year
Sponsored article (our content) not-YMYL99 EUR / year
Link in the existing article20 EUR / year
Link on the home page150 EUR / year
Description of the website in the Partners section Partnerzy:

  • link to this page in the top menu
  • graphics 150×150 size + description max. 500 characters
  • new partners first
20 EUR / year
Advertising banner on the home page, max. size. 160 x 600 in the right column (first place + guarantee of uniqueness of the large banner)
Advertising banner on the home page, max. size. 200 x 100 in the right column (banners are ordered in the order of applications)
25 EUR /month
10 EUR /month

2. Conditions

The content of the sponsored article should be consistent with the subject of the page.

Example of the valued articles:
GEO95% Poland
Client targetmen and boys interested in football, in particular the biographies of the most famous footballers
GamblingYes (legal links to operators, brokers, casino, sports betting, poker, etc.)
FinanceYes: crypto, forex, contracts
Health / Lifestyle acceptedYes
AdultNo for sexual or violence context
Article Promotionmin. 7 days on the main site

Number and parameters of links to be agreed.

3. Offer implementation

3.1. Delivery time

Usually 3-7 business days from the moment the terms of cooperation are agreed.

We try to complete the order as quickly as possible, but the execution time depends on many factors.
We do not have direct influence on all of them.

3.2. The publication process

  1. Determining the TOPIC of the sponsored article and linked URLs.
  2. Accepting/changing/denying of the target topic/URL.
  3. Article production.
  4. Article edited by
  5. (If the corrections are significant, we send to the Client the article for approval.)
  6. Article publication.
  7. Submitting an article for indexation in Google.
  8. Payment. Payment commissions are covered by the Client.
  9. (If you need an invoice, please let me know.)

3.3. Preferred payment methods

  • PayPal (EUR / PLN / USD)
  • bank transfer (PLN)
  • Cryptocurrencies (USD)
  • other upon request

If you need an invoice, please let us know.