Standard offer of (legendary footballers)

Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for YMYL website135 EUR / year
Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for notYMYL website65 EUR / year
Link in the existing article40 EUR / year
Link on the home page150 EUR / year
Description of the website in the Partners section Partnerzy:

  • link to this page in the top menu
  • graphics 150×150 size + description max. 500 characters
  • new partners first
40 EUR / year

GEO95% Poland
Client targetmen and boys interested in football, in particular the biographies of the most famous footballers
GamblingYes (legal links to operators, brokers, casino, sports betting, poker, etc.)
FinanceYes: crypto; No: forex, contracts
Health / Lifestyle acceptedYes
AdultNo for sexual or violence context
Sponsor TagNo (links without attribute, but in the content information that the article is sponsored)
Do-Follow linksYes (any amount)
Permanent PlacingNo (min. 1 year with the option of extension for 50% of the price)
Number of links / images / videosup to 100
Promotionmin. 7 days on the main site

The content of the sponsored article should be consistent with the subject of the page.

Example of the sponsored article:

Delivery time

7-14 days from the moment of establishing the terms of cooperation

Preferred payment methods

  • NETELLER (opis Neteller) (EUR)
  • cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR)
  • PayPal (EUR / PLN / USD)
  • bank transfer (PLN with invoice)
  • other upon request