The price list is updated on an ongoing basis. Significant changes usually occur every 3-6 months. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.

shake hands in cooperation
Cooperation is about mutual benefit. photo: Shutterstock

Polish offer here:


1. Standard offer of (legendary footballers)

We are not a VAT payer, so all net prices = gross prices.


1 Year = not less than 366 days
1 Month = not less than 31 days

1.1Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for YMYL website
Sponsored article (the content of the Principal) for not-YMYL website
Sponsored article (our content) YMYL
Sponsored article (our content) not-YMYL
Number and parameters of links/articles as desired.
GRATIS 1: readability and style correction before publication
GRATIS 2: promotion on the home page for a minimum period of time 7 days.
If you are considering extending for another year (25% of the first year price),
then you DON’T have to remember about it – I’ll remind you.
119 EUR / year
59 EUR / year
199 EUR / year
99 EUR / year

1.2Link on the home page / footer150 EUR / year
1.3Banner in the right column on all pages:
size max. 160 x 600 (only one banner active at the first place)
size max. 200 x 200 (order of banners according to applications below the 160×600 banner, if active)

25 EUR /month

10 EUR /month
1.4Link in an existing unsponsored article of your choice20 EUR / year
1.5Graphic advertising in non-sponsored articles (reasonable size to be agreed)80 PLN / month
1.6Other forms of advertising on request,
as long as they do not evoke strongly negative emotions for Readers (e.g. pop-ups)
to determine

2. Conditions

The content of the sponsored article should be consistent with the subject of the page.

Example of the valued articles:
GEO95% Poland
Client targetmen and boys interested in football, in particular the biographies of the most famous footballers
GamblingYes (legal links to operators, brokers, casino, sports betting, poker, etc.)
FinanceYes: crypto, forex, contracts
Health / Lifestyle acceptedYes
AdultNo for sexual or violence context
Article Promotionmin. 7 days on the main site

Number and parameters of links to be agreed.

3. Offer implementation

3.1. Delivery time

Delivery time is usually 2-7 business days from the moment the terms of cooperation are agreed.

I try to complete the order as quickly as possible, but the execution time depends on many factors.
I do not have direct influence on all of them.

3.2. The publication process

  1. Determining the TOPIC of the sponsored article and linked URLs.
  2. Accepting/changing/denying of the target topic/URL.
  3. Article production/correction.
  4. I explain with the Client the elements of the article that may require his decision.
  5. Article publication.
  6. Submitting an article for indexation in Google.
  7. Payment. Payment commissions are covered by the Client.

3.3. Preferred payment methods

  • PayPal (EUR / PLN / USD)
  • bank transfer (PLN)
  • Cryptocurrencies (USD)
  • other upon request

If you need an invoice, please let us know.

I remind myself about the possibility of extending the advertisement well in advance.
You will have approximately 3 days to decide on an extension.

4. FAQ

4.1. What if prices are too high?

The above prices are a proposal. Some may be negotiable to a reasonable extent.
The acceptance of a discount depends primarily on the quality of your landing pages.
For larger orders you can count on a 10-20% discount.

Write to me to find out how far we are from the „win-win-win” principle (from your perspective, the portal’s and the Readers’ perspective).

4.2. Can I see site statistics?


Upon request, I can send data from Google Analytics 4.

4.3. What is the price for a period other than a year?

W ofercie prezentuję roczny koszt reklamy, bo o taki okres najczęściej pytają Zleceniodawcy.

For your convenience, we may assume that shorter periods will be billed on a pro-rata basis. I am aware that some people need a „test period” before committing to a greater extent.
There may be real concerns about limited trust (due to, for example, unpleasant experiences from the past) or concerns about achieving the goal in the long term.

Please contact me: